Dress 11: Pardon Me, But My Feet Are Wet.


Dress - H&M; Hoodie - Puella; Leggings - Forever XXI; Leg warmers - Legs Beautiful; Scarf - made by my Babcia

Okay, so I know I told you yesterday that I would show you Sunday's dress today, but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm showing you today's dress and saving Sunday's dress for another ady (maybe tomorrow or another day...don't know).  

An awful thing happened today...I had wet feet for half the day.  I know, I know, it's completely awful especially when compared to things like global warming or the conflict in Darfur.  But really, I hope you agree with me that having wet feet in the middle of winter does rank on the "Having a Bad Day" meter.  Okay, self-pity done and over.  But I really do hate wet, cold feet.  Okay, now I'm really done. Promise.

On another note, today was a lazy, cold day and I vowed to stay warm (yes, I failed in the footwear department, but let's get over that shall we?).  So today, I pulled out my cute little knit dress and decided to revert to younger days where it was okay to wear hoodies and legwarmers throughout your day (i.e. acting class in University).  The reason for this choice was that I'm feeling contented.  Not excited or happy - that implies an energy and some sort of movement.  I'm contented today.  Not really moving anywhere or being energetic to change or grow.  Today I'm happy where I am and with the way things are.  Baby's fever broke in the night and she's back to her happy, noisy self - no longer the sucky, whiny poo-pants that she's been all week (although I must admit I enjoyed all the extra cuddle time she wanted since she's usually too squirmy to cuddle).  I'm sure that my other problems and worries will come back tomorrow.  But today, I'm contented. Hence, the cozy, laid-back outfit.

Trash, stash, or save?

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  1. Hi Joanna! I've been trying to follow your blog since seeing your comments on the Ruche facebook page. (I'm Monique Hale - I replied to your very valid question this morning). Anyway - just giving a shout out to a fellow lover of Ruche and Threadsence. Just curious - did you already place an order after seeing their new lookbook? Which pieces did you get? I'll tell you which ones I got if you're interested. :)

    All the best, and I'm glad everyone is feeling better.


  2. Hi Monique! Thanks for following me and for commenting. It's always nice to hear from someone who reads my little blog. I actually got a sale item, the cream of the crop angora sweater. It's really cute, and well it was on sale right?
    I'd love to hear which pieces you purchased from their new lookbook. There's definitely some goodies there!

  3. Ah! Good choice. I bought that at full price..ahem..so lucky you. I'm always scared they're going to run out of items. Anyway, I always get a bit crazy when a new lookbook comes out. I've been really trying to control my spending since my savings this past year have been, well, not exemplary. I'm afraid my actions did not live up to my lofty goals, and I spent more than I should. I ordered the: 'young at heart print sheer top', 'higher than heaven ruffle vest', 'only style remains neck tie', 'spring tea garden floral cardigan', 'heavenly dream dolman top', 'classical touch a-line skirt', 'skip through the leaves olive skirt', and a couple belts and necklaces. You see what I mean?! Too much! I need to just not look at their website..you know. Cut it off at the source. :)

  4. You know what helped me with my spending? This dress challenge. It's helped me to focus on what I have and get creative about it. And to really look at what I love to wear before buying anything new. Perhaps a 30 for 30 challenge would help to focus you on what you have (and you've got some AMAZING pieces on the way)?

  5. Not sure on the dress, hard to tell in the photo but LOVE the sweater. As for the feet... maybe mama needs some new boots lol... or to waterproof them (not as much fun)

  6. Thanks Danielle! The sweater is from one of my fave designers. And the best thing is that it's incredibly soft and lined with a soft plush on the inside too!


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