A Friend is a Gem



There's nothing better than sitting down with someone knew over a coffee. An acquaintance that after three hours of chatting has turned into a friend. Finding someone who laughs with you, who is easy to talk to, and further someone who you can tell doesn't judge but just accepts people as they are.

Those people are a rare gift. Treasure them because talking trash is easy and there's always someone up for the job. But understanding and a sense of humor don't come along all that often. It's a precious gem someone like that, and one I plan on appreciating.


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Rumi, Poo, and Threesomes



We all take ourselves very seriously. Too seriously. Wandering about like high powered business people, or trying to be profound and making sure that every thing we write, say, or do is full of wisdom and enlightenment. Like witticisms just drip from our tongues, and quiet reveries give mindful epiphanies.

But even Rumi, the poet, knew that the key to life is to not treat oneself as sacred, to not be too serious. He wrote a whole poem about having a good poo. And another one where he gets distracted halfway through thinking about a threesome.

See? If Rumi in his wisdom knows to laugh at himself and acknowledge the absurdity and folly of humanity, should we not also take a lesson from that?

I'm sorry, I got distracted halfway through by...uh...never mind.





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Fresh Start with a Fresh Year


My energy has been so low these holidays. Not sleeping well, coupled with poorer than normal eating habits, and a touch of a cold all adds up to low energy. And that means low productivity.

Happy New Year!!!


Hope you all had an exciting, and safe, New Years Eve!
Wishing you a speedy recovery from last night.
Drink lots of water.
Much love!

New Years Eve Plans


Tonight's the night.
We've got our darling girl headed to Grandma and Grandpas.
And tonight, Mama and Papa are going out.
We're going to have some fun, and give Santa a reason to skip over us next year.


Have a blast where ever you are.
Y'all be safe, and see you in 2016!

You Don't Have To Go Anywhere


"The world is full of things that are tragic or comic, heroic or bizarre or surprising, and those who fail to be interested in the spectacle that it offers are forgoing one of the privileges life has to offer."
 - Bertrand Russell.

Reflections on the Day of Birth


Tomorrow's my birthday *Dec. 29th*, and it's always been really fascinating and fitting to me that it's right between Christmas and New Years.

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