This Sick Girl Is Going To Bed


Drake the Dog is having a great time in the snow!

He's the only one not sick.

You guessed it!  With everyone in the house sick it's no wonder that Husband's getting sick too!
Good News:  we didn't need to buy a new washer, just buy a small part for the old one and fix it.

Bad News:  I'm still sick, Baby's still sick, and Husband is getting sick. 

Here's a question:  what's your go-to cold cure all?  Suggestions?  *Please remember that I can't take medications or herbs as I'm still nursing"  I'd love to hear from you.

So, I'm going to bed (yes I know it's only 8:30pm). I'm hoping that lots of sleep and rest will get me through the worst part of this cold pronto.  So goodnight all.  Sleep well.  Hopefully, I'll have a dress for you soon.See you all tomorrow.

3 thoughts:

  1. Soup, tea with lots of honey and lemon, ginger ale, water, oj, SLEEP (insert laugher being a new mom and all), lots of cheese movies.

  2. Thanks. Been doing all that (except the sleep - that's even worse since she's sick too). Hopefully, we'll be better soon. I just wish I could swallow without pain, or breathe through my nose...I miss that! :(

  3. My cure all is ginger. In a pot, I mix slices of ginger, lemon and sometimes oranges into green tea (for less mess I use bagged green tea) and leave to brew so that the ginger makes the tea nice and spicy; the citrus helps it not burn as much and then you add some honey in each cup to soothe your throat. About one tablespoon should do the trick but when my throat is really sore I usually add two though that does make the tea a lot sweeter.

    Hope you guys feel better soon!


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