Waking Up In The Morning Is Hard To Do


All I could manage today

Sweater - C'est Moi; Shirt - Reserved; Leggings - Forever XXI; Leg warmers - Legs Beautiful

6:15 am: Baby's banging on her bed like a bongo drum.  Just five more minutes Mom...oh wait, crap, I'm the Mom and I don't get two minutes, much less five.  No, I don't want to be up.  But as I've learned recently, when you're a parent it's never about you.  So up I get, throw baby over one shoulder and head downstairs.  Baby goes onto the floor on her blanket with her toys, while I feel an irresistible pull towards one particular kitchen cabinet - where we keep the coffee...

Sort of awake now, thanks to Coffee Tree.  Love their fresh roasted coffee - I need to see an oily film on my cup or it's not really coffee, you know? It's not that I'm a coffee snob, it's just that if I'm going to indulge in a vice I'm going to do it right.

Now I've got to work up the motivation to shower and get dressed.  Suggestions?  What gets you going in the morning?

2 thoughts:

  1. I'm like you; I need a good cup of coffee to get me going - actually it doesn't even need to be that good just any coffee will do. The other must have thing is a shower, even if its a quick one. Its the only way I feel human.

  2. Oh a shower...I love that. Though sometimes I can't get it until halfway through the day so I try not to get too attached to them.


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