Random Sundays: Decidely Domestic.


I'm telling you, Drake the Dog is such a media hog!

Sweater - H&M; Top - Vintage Havana; Tank - Smart Set; Leggings - Moto; Boots - Feet First
Last night I got to see some wonderful women.  And I realized that everyone was looking really cute.  Let me take you round the group:

A cute plaid dress with two little pleats in the back, a lavender wrap top tied in a sweet bow in back, a chic black and white abstract print dress, a hot pink off the shoulder jumper, skinny jeans with a circle chain, and a black mini with a cream off the shoulder top.  I'm tellin' you I have some stylish friends!

Today was a really drab, damp, and grey day.  But I started off on a great high with two fabulous meetings back to back.  Nothing better than getting creative energy going early in the morning! the rest of the day calmed down into a decidedly domestic day.

Yup, it's diaper laundry day at my house...fun.

But afterwards I was a little too drained from my lack of sleep to continue on the high.  So I crashed and took a really long hot shower.  I was going to run, but you know, when I don't feel like it I don't.  No biggie.

Baby's asleep now, and it's time to enjoy my Valentine's Day dinner.  Good love all!  See y'all tomorrow!

2 thoughts:

  1. What brand of cloth do you use in Canada? Or did you make them yourself? Love the monkeys!

  2. They were actually hand-made by my mother in law as a present for ua and the baby. But I can tell you the cloth is plain oln flannel and it works great!


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