Tempestuously Foul


Must say, I'm in love with this cardigan!
Husband makes fun of my sticky-out ears...but I know he secretly loves them!

Love the etched detailing on the belt.
Cardigan - Anthropologie; Shirt - Smart Set; Belt - AE; Jeans - Guess; Earrings - Indie store in Santorini.
I was in a foul mood when I got dressed yesterday.  Why?  Because I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day.  Sometimes I try to psyche myself out by pretending I like it, hoping that fiction will become fact, but I really don't.  I disagree with the manufactured romance...like you have to show your love just once a year.  I think Valentine's should be at least once a week, you know?  If you love someone show them more than once a year on a forced holiday.  That's my rant.  It's over.

But that's also why I'm not wearing a dress.  If I'm in a bad mood, I gaurantee that I'll put on pants.  I can't deal with wearing a skirt or dress; I don't know why.  But that's not to say that if I'm wearing pants, I'm in a bad mood.  Make sense? 

Once I got to work and had chocolate, Olivia (the lovely camera person) and I got silly.  We were giggling non-stop and watching bad-for-you tv, and eating chocolate...well at least I was.  So if you watched last night, you saw me being silly on live-tv.  Yeah, that's how I get sometimes. 

Oh, and I treated myself to a cab home because it was soooo cold too!  So I got home lickety-split and tucked myself into bed.  This morning I've started off in a considerably better mood.  Yay!  I'll hopefully have a dress for you soon!

4 thoughts:

  1. LOVE the sweater! Too cute!


  2. I love a casual outfit. & that belt is great!!


  3. Thanks Megan. I love a belt with a little something, you know?


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