Dress 40: Eat, Drink, And Be Merry For Tomorrow The Dress Dies


Sweater - made by Babcia; Dress - Pink Martini; Belt - AE; Leggings - F21; Boots - Feet First
It's the first of March!   Spring is literally just around the corner.  And I can not wait! The sun is out and I wanted to wear something light and bright.

You can't see the detail on this little number as it's covered by the sweater *I really must remember to take better detail shots* but it's got little buttons and embroidery on it. It's a soft jersey knit dress and I consider myself brave to wear it when I'm around Baby all day.  I'm a little nervous that by the end of the day it will be stained, but I live life on the edge.  And you know, we can't be afraid to wear the clothes we really like just because we're afraid they'll get dirty or ruined.  Under that logic, our favorite pieces will stay in the closet unworn. That's no way to dress.  That's no way to live either.
I know.
I'm deep.
hee, hee...

Trash, stash, or save? I think I'm voting 'save' and I'll just keep wearing it bravely until the day that it dies a noble death.

True Story:  Baby fought her way over obstacles and across the whole bed just so she could cuddle with my PJs and suck her thumb.  Awwww....

2 thoughts:

  1. Aww- would love to see more detail of the dress. I have a black Pink Martini coat that is amazing. It's the only Pink Martini item I own but would secretly love more based on the excellent quality of the coat.
    Keep the baby comments coming - makes me miss my kids being babies again. Now they're toddlers/preschoolers and it's a WHOLE different set of problems. Haha.. The good thing is that it DOES get easier. And *drumroll* you will get more sleep. I promise that. It may be another year, umm, or two, but it will happen. Unless you decide to have another kid, then forget about it. ;)

  2. cute outfit. especially like that sweater!



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