Dress 55: S&M Facials Anyone?


Sweater - H&M; Dress - Coco & Tashi; Belt - thrifted; Leggings - F21

Close up of my lovely thrifted belt.
Last night I went to sleep in spring and woke up in full blown winter.  There is a snowstorm raging outside my window and I'm in a crabby mood.  My mood is not a direct result of the weather, it's only exacerbated by this freak snowstorm.  I got some unpleasant news yesterday, and am all in flux as a result.  Suffice it to say that times, they are a changin'.  

Therefore, I decided to use a certificate I've had stashed in my desk and went to get a facial.  It relaxed me, but I was weirded out a little.  The woman pulled my hair (intentionally as part of the "massage" and a little too roughly) and then smacked my face a few times (not too hard, but enough, you know?).  I was so confused!  I didn't ask for an S&M facial!  Note to self, "Self, do not go back there!"

Needless to say that facial did not raise my spirits.

Hope you like the dress - I'm keeping it because it always makes me happy!

But right now I'm taking my own advice *if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all*
I'm signing off.
Good night.
See y'all tomorrow.

4 thoughts:

  1. The colours in your outfit are incredibly happy - and this vintage belt seems perfectly paired to me. It's a pleasure to meet your blog!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  2. It has become one of my favs!


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