Visiting With Family


Sweater - made by Babcia; Shirt - from swap; Jeans - Guess
Husband is working a conference with long hours, so my Babcia came to stay with me for three days - for the company and the help with Baby.  I'm having a great time playing cards with her.  She's the one who taught me to play when I was 6, and my Mom taught me to deal like a hustler.  So all in all, I'm a pretty good card shark....I guess that's one of my hidden talents.  Texas Hold Em' anyone? 

True Story:  Baby and Babcia both bouncing up and down to the music!  So funny!!

2 thoughts:

  1. love the sweater! i'm terrible at cards. but i do enjoy black jack when i'm in vegas!!!

  2. Thanks! I love that the sweater is all cozy! Grandmas rock!


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