Dress 63: I Really Do Get Easily Distracted By Food


A nice shot of the dress.
A detailed shot of the cardigan

Hat - Ruche (similar); Dress - Ruche (similar); Cardi - Nick&Mo; Jacket - Smart Set; Tights - Hue; Loafers - AE
What a beautiful day!  The sun was out and it was so warm.  The whole world just suddenly got happy.  Baby and I went out for storytime and I had a delicious sandwich.  You don't understand, it was delicious! I love me some good food.   Moving on: I don't know why, but storytime was empty.  So Baby got a private reading of two books.  Granted she was more interested in the toddlers and kids running around instead of the book, but what can you do?

Right now, Husband is roasting a chicken for dinner.  I can smell it.  Mmmmm.....chicken.

It's very distracting. 

Must. Focus.  Mention.  Dress.

I have to say that what I love about this dress is that it's a girlie lace dress, but the bold blue prevents it from becoming too girlie-girlie, or grandma-esque.  And it is so easy to wear.  The cut is flattering for anyone, the fabric is very forgiving, and it's very comfortable.  You really can't go wrong with it.

True Story:  Baby is constantly grinding her teeth!!  I guess she loves the sound??  I don't know how to make her stop.  But I keep telling her that those are my teeth!  I made them.  I grew them.  She's not allowed to destroy them!  Now, why can't she just understand that???

4 thoughts:

  1. joanna, i love that cardigan! i also love me some good food; you're lucky that your husband can cook, 'round these parts i do all the cooking...although jason is dependable when it comes to frozen pizza...haha

  2. I'm in love with Nick&Mo cardigans. They're alwasy unique and playful. And yes, I'm lucky that he cooks...it took a while to get him to do it. Now, I'm just on clean-up duty. Which is fine with me.

  3. I have that dress! Love it! Usually I wear it with a mustard colored cardi! Love love love it!

  4. The mustard cardi is a great pairing! Really, everyone says,"No, you'll look fine." then I hold it up to my face, and the shake their heads in disgust. You see it makes me look sick. I just don't look good at all in yellow, so I don't own anything in it.


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