Dress 66: A Dress You Can Bike In


I've decided to grow out my bangs after all.  Don't worry though, I'll keep plenty of layers.

Close-up of the scarf and necklace I wore.
Jacket - Jacob; Scarf - Ruche; Dress - Ruche; Tights - Hue; Loafers - AE
Today I had an audition, and faced with the choice of either riding the TTC for 40 minutes or biking for 15, I chose the later.  But I still wanted to look cute.  So today's outfit was put together because of the practicalities of biking.  I needed thick tights to protect my pasty legs from the cold and also make sure my derriere was completely covered should a gust of wind come along and blow my dress up.  Also, I needed flat comfy shoes...I just can not bike in heels.  If you can, I applaud you.

On a side note, the little owl necklace belonged to my mother.  When I was a teenager I asked her if I could take it, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since.  I've always liked owls, especially this one.

True Story:  When one does it, the other has to shove their dirty little mug in too!  

7 thoughts:

  1. very cute look! def going to follow you now. LOVE the scarf. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  2. aw that last picture is SO cute!! And i Love your dress..beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the follow Ruby! I'm glas you like the style :)

  4. oh. my. god.
    that pic of baby and dog... cutest thing ever.

    love the outfit!!

    :) j.


  5. Thanks Jana! Yeah, I think they're pretty cute myself ;)

  6. I love your polkadot dress and especially the way you styled it-very cute :)


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