Pajamas And Dirty Shirts...I'm Such A Fraud!


T-shirt - Reserved.

Dolman - F21; Jeans - Guess.
All right, confession time.  I did not get dressed today. 

Well no, that's a lie.  I did get dressed, technically speaking, just not very well. 

Jeans and a top.  Oh all right...a dirty top.

Here me out!

I was alone with Baby all day.  It was her first day of being well.  It was my sixth day of not sleeping more than two hours at a time.  And we had nowhere to go. 

She spent the day in her pajamas.

I almost spent the day in my pajamas.

I was going to go somewhere with her *which would meant getting dressed* but she decided to sleep right through from the time we would've left until about the time we would've been home.  So here are some older photos of a day when I did get dressed. 

Sorry.  Tomorrow will be better.

I promise.

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