Hat 'o Glory


Husband was impressing me as you can tell.

Hat - F21; Cardi - H&M; Top - AE; Jeans - Guess; Loafers - Town Shoes.

Here's an outfit I wore a few days ago for a nice little stroll around our neighborhood.  I haven't had an opportunity to post it yet, and I didn't want to leave it too long, you know? 

I love hats.  They're my latest obsession, before that it was scarves and this season I seem to not be wearing many scarves.  I'm sure I'll go back to them soon.  I tend to swing like a pendulum from on extreme to the other.  Soon, all my outfit posts will feature scarves!  Okay, maybe not all.

I've got a fun Saturday planned and I'll share that with you all of course.  But for now, check out some more shots of my Posthuman shoot over here.

Happy Saturday!

P.S.  I'm so relieved that Baby's fever broke and that now she's sick but obviously getting better.  *breath of relief*

3 thoughts:

  1. i can't seem to pull off hats!
    you look great!

    ps. glad to hear baby's fever broke...they are so nerve wracking those darn fevers!

  2. I used to think I couldn't pull off hats, but then I just went for it and now I love it!


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