My Not-So-Graceful Marilyn Moment


So here's some shots of the outfit I wore for Baby's party. 

I love that my dress twirls!
My hair was just not going to be straight with the humidity, so I just added some light curls to give it a little life.
Dress - handmade off Etsy; Hat - Ruche; Sandals - Zellers.
I love this little handmade dress.  When it came, I had to fix several of the seams because they weren't done well, but really for $14 I couldn't expect much.  And fixing seams is really easy so I'm not complaining...too much.  I really love the feminine feel of this dress.  Later that night I went to work, and walking down the street from the coffee shop I noticed something:  for some reason this dress makes my hips sway a bit more, and my back sit a lot straighter.  It just makes me feel a lot more lady-like and womanly.  And therefore, I think you're going to see a lot of it!

P.S.  In that last shot my dress was caught by the wind and started rising right up.  It's my Marilyn moment...only she handled it with a lot more style!

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  1. what a pretty dress, $14 is incredible! Loved your Marilyn moment!


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