What I Wore To BSG


I'm not usually one for wearing bows in my hair, which is why I loved these little black ones.  I get the bow in my hair, but also keep it small, demure, and elegant.

Emily was being a brat!
Dress - Kimichi (thrifted); Belt - Ruche; Loafers - Payless.
So you know we had a BBQ and games night yesterday.  *BTW, Cylons won - I was a Cylon - I won!*  I found this dress at a thrift place in NYC and it's starting to become one of my favorite summer pieces. I love the country-western feel to it and also the fact that it has a feminine silhouette.  Plus, something light and cotton in the humidity is always appreciated.  I'm also thinking it'll look great when the weather gets colder.  Paired with some thick tights, and a sweater, or jean jacket I think it could look great as an all-season piece.  It's like all-season tires - great anytime!

Quote of Today:
"Heavy raiders are going to vent us into space.  More wine?"

2 thoughts:

  1. cute dress, it fits you so well! it does look great for summer, and the other seasons coming our way. jealous you thrifted it, i've been wanting a dress like that!

  2. Thanks Michelle! All I can say, is get to your local vintage store. You never know what you'll find!


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