Maxis 'Round The Pool


Dress - street stand in Valencia, Spain; Glasses - F21; Sandals - Zellers.
Today was another wonderful sunny day at my Mom's house.  I went swimming three times!  Like I said, wonderful!  Baby ran around, chased the dog, and screamed when we tried to *yet again* take her swimming. Oh well, we tried.

I bought this dress in Valencia, Spain several years ago and I'm still completely loving it.  It's so bright and happy - perfect for a sunny day!   Ah, and check this out if you want to see how I styled it in the cold weather.

The family enjoying pie after dinner!

True Story:
Drake ripped open a squeaky toy today - killed it.  Baby found the big plastic part inside that squeaks.  Then she spent twenty minutes with it in her mouth chomping down non-stop to make it squeak as she crawled around the house. Kids are hilarious!

3 thoughts:

  1. That dress is amazing! And I love your hair like that!

  2. Thanks! I needed to get my hair out of my face for the day, and this worked really well.

  3. Love your dress ... beautiful and I don't even want to get started with the braid.
    Pictures are awesome as well very vivid, love it.


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