Polka Dot Ramblings And A Winner Announced


Dress - Ruche or Modcloth;  Belt - F21; Shoes - Payless.

Can I just say that I love polka dots?  I think I'm completely obsessed with them.  Anything I see with polka dots grabs my attention and won't let go.  So when I saw this dress a while back I was in love.  And it wasn't just the dots, it was the fact that it was such a timeless shape.  Though to be fully honest, I didn't like my hair after I saw these shots and decided to throw it up in a pony before heading out.
I need a haircut.

True Story:
Yesterday I made myself a shake and once I had turned on the blender I turned around to check on Baby, who's usually afraid of the thing, only to find her....dancing!  She was dancing to the whirring.  Kids are funny.

7 thoughts:

  1. Loving the dress! I've always been afraid of polka dots. But they look awesome on you. And the blue is gorgeous!!

  2. swoon! That dress is so sweet! Congrats on 100 followers.


  3. I just came across with your blog thanks to the Style Bloggers Map!
    Haven´t checked on it for a while and decided to see if there were any bloggers close to where I live -Markham- :)
    I´ve only seen like 20% of your blog and I love it already! Great pictures!;)Like your dress!

  4. @LuceBuona thanks! I'm so glad you like the read! And I've got some good friends in Markham. Great place to be!

  5. What a sweet dress - love the polka dots, color and silhouette. GORGEOUS!

  6. this is from ruche?? weird, i have the beige version and its not 3/4 sleeve, or you're just uber tall! haha


  7. @Jana Mine had a little tear in it alsmost as soon as I got it, so I hemmed it up to keep wearing the dress. Saved it!


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