Stripey McStripe


Glasses & Shirt - F21; Khakis - Banana Republic; Necklace - Ruche; Bag - Matt by Matt&Nat; Shoes - Payless.

This was a great outfit to wear to the studio and on air because it kept me cool outside since the pants and top are of a light material, but it also kept me warm inside the over air-conditioned studio.  And I love that I still remained very professional looking.  True, I don't need to since my job as an on-air personality is just to look cute, cool, or otherwise interesting, but it's nice to sometimes exercise the option of looking professional. 

And can I just share how much I'm loving stripes recently?  So much!

Quote of Today:
in conversation at the studio I heard this,
"My greatest fear is irony" 

2 thoughts:

  1. I love your top! It looks great on you! What a fun blog you have. . .

  2. Thanks Janel! So glad you like the blog!


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