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Shirt - Smart Set; Sweater - Ruche; Jeans - Gap; Boots - Feet First.
 I miss my long hair.  I mean I really miss it!  And though I don't regret chopping off all my hair last year at all - it was totally the right thing to do, I don't have the patience to grow out my hair.  It takes too long.  So, I'm wondering about hair extensions.  I don't really know anything about them.  So I'm reaching out to you guys.  What are they like?  What's the maintenance?  Do they damage your hair?  How much do they cost?  I heard they can be a lot -which would be sucky since that's not something I can spend a lot of money on - so it's probably not gonna happen, but I thought I'd look into it anyway.  Anyone know anyplace in Toronto where you can get them cheap?

I'm a hair extension virgin.  So what are your thoughts?

Quote of Today:
"It's all about the full mount on Halloween."

3 thoughts:

  1. I love all of your outfit posts! You're so pretty and I love your photos

  2. cute sweater. i don't really know much about extensions except that they are expensive.

  3. Mmm, I love big, drape-y outerwear. ...I thought my friend's extensions was her real hair, so I know they can look good/natural.


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