It Clashes!


Top - F21; Coat - Smart Set; Scarf - made by my Babcia; Dress - H&M; Sweater - Gap; Tights - Hue; Boots - Threadsence.
I'm mixing two colors that theoretically shouldn't be mixed - red and pink.  But it's kind of hard to tell in these shots.  The top is a peachy pink, the cardi is a rich, deep red with specks of blue, and the scarf is a pale pale pink as well.  But in the shots I took it was really hard to show the exact richness and color of these pieces.  I really tried., Joanna, fail.  But take my word for it.

I've always actually enjoyed seeing red and pink together.  I never understood why people said it clashes.  For example I love seeing pink on redheads.  The bright happy colors look great together and give off a lot of energy.

And that's my two cents of the day.

True Story:
One baby on my lap, plus one dog on my lap, equals a very squishy and furry group cuddle.

3 thoughts:

  1. I love this outfit, I also love your tights! I am a huge tight fanatic <3

    ps i redesigned my blog, Id love some feedback

  2. ive never seen pink on redheads but i imagine it might look nice. my favorite part of this outfit is actually the cardi :)

  3. I saw your post on Threadsence's FB page! I love your blog and this outfit... looks like you are ready for some cider, hot cocoa... :)


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