Husband's Movember


Okay, I hate mustaches....with a passion.  So I'm kind of hating this whole Movember thing, especially since Husband has decided to participate.  But since he is participating, I thought I'd share the horrid thing that's living on his face with you guys.  You know what they say, misery loves company.  The only thing that makes this slightly bearable *I emphasize the word 'slightly'* is that he's raising money for prostate cancer by getting donations supporting his stash.  So should you feel inclined, you can donate here.

He'll thank you for it.  I...well, I can't wait until November is over!

I'll have some outfit posts for you tomorrow. Promise.

2 thoughts:

  1. Oh that's nice. I heard about that cause and I think it's great guys are taking part. But I'm with you, not a fan of mustaches on my guy. 'stache rash is not cute!

    xx Vivian @

  2. I hate mustaches too! Thankfully my husband does not participate, but last year one of his buddies did and it looked horrible!!


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