I haven't bought make-up in over a year, not counting the odd lipgloss, and since I was running really low on my basics I decided to treat myself to this amazing neutral palette from Urban Decay.  I mostly wear neutrals and only occasionally add a dash of green, purple, or blue to the mix, so this set was ideal.  It has matte, and shimmer and ranges from super soft to daring bold colors.   This is definitely my perfect everyday kit. Done and done.

4 thoughts:

  1. I love Urban Decay! I swear by their liquid eyeliner, can't live without it! I love the neutral palate you picked up.


  2. I just found out that they are coming out with a Naked 2...
    Its sold out online.. must get hands on it!

  3. I heard about Naked 2 as well. It has a lot more shimmer, which isn't my personal preference. I like just a touch of shimmer which is why Naked was perfect.


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