Top Price For A Winter Coat?


I saw this in the paper as an encouragement to shop Canadian - to shop our local and native companies.  And I'd love to but frankly look at those prices!  The cheapest coat there is $450.  That's more than I spent on my last two winter coats combined, and the only reason I spent even that much was because one coat was stolen and so I had to go get another one.   That's the one beef I have about local and native businesses, as much as I'd love to support them the price tag is just way out of my reach. I know it's because of fair wages, etc, etc.  But there has to be some way to keep the prices more in check.  I know some people can afford to spend that much, but I not only can't, I also won't.  To me it's just too much to drop on one item.  But that's me.

How much would you spend on a coat?  How much have you ever spent on a coat and would you change that?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. 

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  1. There is no winter in Singapore, so I won't be able to tell you how much I would spend on a coat. But your comment about wanting to support local community, but put off by the price strike a chord with me. We also have some home grown designers, but while some of their designs are nice, I find the price atrocious for a simple piece of dress. True, the dress may be made of good quality, sew personally, or only one of a kind blah blah blah, but it is still just a dress! Given the flickering nature of fashion, does one really wear the same piece of dress to death? More often then not, those who can afford the price tag have more than enough clothes to last how many years without repeating each piece; and those who can't afford simply would not pay for it. So the bottom-line is clothes need to be affordable if one wants the locals to support. Frankly I rather buy imported stuff if they are of just decent quality, with decent price.


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