Nerdy Versus Cute


Sweater - F21; Shirt - AE; Jeans - Guess; Shoes - Sketchers.
I was really concerned that this sweater would be too cutsy for me, but I love penguins so much I got it anyway and just made sure that I wouldn't pair it with a full, floral skirt.  That I think, would be too cutsy for me.  Instead, I wore it with ripped jeans and plain sneakers.  I thought that would ground the sweater a bit more in preppy chic that cute-little-girl.  Do I think about this too much?  Am I the only one who is concerned about this?  Maybe.  Maybe I should just get the heck over it.

True Story:
You know that infinity scarf with a hood I have?  
Baby loves it too!  
She wears it around dragging the back on the floor, and lays down to cuddle with it. 

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