Just Go With It


Kissy faces at Baby.

Cardi - Gap; Belt - thrifted; Dress - Ruche; Tights - Walmart; Boots - Locale.
Is it wrong that I don't want to shop?  'Cause I don't.  I have a bit of X-mas and B-day money saved up and stored, but I really don't want to buy anything.  I see all the beautiful sales, both online and in store, on some great pants, and dresses, but I don't have the urge to get anything.   Is that weird?  I think it's a bit weird for me.  Usually, there are at least a few things that I have my eye on, but right now even those things are on sales but I'm like, "meh."

It's not a bad feeling, just an odd one right now.  But I'll go with it.

I'm sad to see things go though, like this cardi.  You can't tell so much in the photos but it's been washed until it looks horrible, and the wool is pilling.  So I think it's going into the donate pile.  Alas, it's been a good dear friend, but all good things...

True Story:
Baby grunts when she poos.  
And we think it's funny, so we laugh.
Now she grunts randomly to get a laugh. 
Cause and effect.

5 thoughts:

  1. Very pretty dress! I love all the stripes and that purple cardi looks so pretty with it! The baby story made me LOL! It also makes me realize how much older my kids are getting. :-(

  2. You are so dang adorable. I love your dress and purple cardigan. Oh my gosh babies are so adorable ahhh

  3. Oh, the Baby. When you get a second, check out this video of N and her grunting. HILARIOUS. http://vimeo.com/27884683

  4. Have you bought a clothing shaver? You.must.buy.one! Makes everything look brand new!


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