A Mess


Top - Wallis from The Bay
Jeans - Gap
Socks - CK
Shoes - Payless
Earrings - Threadsence

Since having a baby I've become a total wreck. Honestly, just ask Andrew.  We were watching an old episode of Numbers and it was about a little girl who's kidnapped and held for ransom. Well, in the middle of the episode I started crying just thinking about the feeling of losing my baby or not being able to protect her.  I was crying so hard that Andrew had to stop the show and comfort me.   I wish I could say that this was a one time occurrence but it isn't.  I'm just a mess!

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True Story:  
Baby climbed into our laundry hamper, sat down and closed the lid on herself.  
Ok, sure.

9 thoughts:

  1. The birds on your shirt are so cute! I love how your gold earrings play off the color of the buttons!

  2. that shirt is soooo cute!

    And I think that's totally normal for especially a new mom... my sister does it all the time!

  3. Oh, mama. I can't even watch Law & Order anymore ... I end up a big hot mess.

    In other happy news, you look fabulous!

  4. i've only been following for a short time but, seriously, your kid kills me! keep reporting those antics and making my day brighter.


  5. I used to love Law & Order SVU, but since becoming a mama, I cannot watch that show or anything of the like, and usually can't even stomach the everyday news. And the news is never good. I'm right there with you!

    {super cute shirt!}

  6. love this!
    new follower from the link up!

  7. No the baby did NOT do that! Oh my word hahah!


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