Resuming Life


Sweater - Jacob
Dress - Ruche
Belt - F21
Tights - Hue
Boots - Locale

I'm back!  Yes, I've been away and that's why there's been a great silence from me on social media.  I've been away ten days, and I came home last night to wine, chocolate, a foot massage, and some cuddle time with Andrew, and of course lots of quality time with Baby.  I missed her so much!  But at the same time it was wonderful to have the freedom to go out late into the night, have a little too much wine, dance like there's no tomorrow, and just generally carry on silly.  Sometimes you need a vacation from the everyday.  But at the same time it's amazing to get back to life as usual.

True Story:
Walked with Baby to a playgroup at the local school.  
She walked by a young woman waiting at the bus stop.  
Then turned around and said, "Bye, Bye" and waved.  
Then she blew the girl a kiss.  The girl blew a kiss back.  
Baby laughed and continued walking...for about three feet before she turned around and repeated the whole process. 
Again, and again, walking about three feet each time. 

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  1. Nice post dear
    Good blog
    I am following your blog with GFC
    Now follow back my blog with GFC too

  2. awww, this is so cute - I just love the skirt and i love the combination of the entire look.


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