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Sweater & Leaf Necklace - F21
Birdcage Necklace - c/o This Enchanted Pixie
Boots - Locale
Dress - From Ruche (sold out). Similar from Lace Affair.

I sometimes long for that perfect uniform that defines me, finding something that is the perfect expression of who I am and how I wish to be perceived.  I've written before about how I feel like a wild swinging pendulum in that respect, but I've also realized that I do have an outfit, or combination, where I feel most comfortable.  It's boots and a dress.  A great dress and a comfortable, and cool, pair of boots are when I feel most myself and most relaxed.  I think it's the femininity and softness of a dress, combined with the laid-back ease of boots that appeals.  That's where I feel most at home.

Jeans and a t-shirt come no where close to making me feel this comfortable.  

I'd love to hear what combo makes you feel at home?

Quote of Today:
"She's a touch OCD about the Cheerios."

4 thoughts:

  1. I much prefer a flowy dress. However, I live in jeans. Maybe I would feel more confident/beautiful if I dressed in what makes me feel at home!

  2. Great sweater. The color is my fav!

  3. Love the color of the sweater. It is interesting how certain clothes put us at ease, for me it's a full skirt/dress with colorful flats

  4. I prefer a simple top, a knit or cotton skirt, and a pair of comfy flats or flip flops. :)


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