Key To A Large And Lasting Wardrobe


Sweater  - Esprit
Dress - Ruche
Necklace - Mama Nest Designs
Tights - Hue
Boots - Locale 

Some friends over the years have remarked about the large closet of clothes I own, and they're right I do own a lot.  But here's the secret to the *as a friend once put it* 'most extensive wardrobe I've ever seen' : meticulous care, flexibility, and patience.

I have clothes I got in high school still hanging in my closet and they're still in good condition because I care for my pieces.  I take care to follow the instructions on the label and make sure that everything is treated well so that it lasts.  What I mean by meticulous care is following the washing, ironing, and hanging instructions so as to prolong the life of the article.  That doesn't mean I treat my clothes like museum pieces.  I'll wear my pretty dresses in the park with Baby and don't care if they get muddied and dirty.  After all, it's about looking good while you live your life.

Also, I never say no.  When someone offers a hand me down bag of clothes, or my mom spring/winter cleans her closet I never turn it down.  Chances are I'll find one or two pieces in there that I can work into my wardrobe in an unique way.

Finally, patience.  I like to shop and purchase fun pieces, but I don't have a huge budget nor do I like to spend a lot on clothes.  So I'll wait.  I'll save my birthday and X-mas money for months and months, sometimes I have gift certificates from the season before still in my wallet when the next holiday rolls around.  If I see a dress, top, or skirt I really like I won't buy it.  I'll wait.  I'll wait for a discount code, or a sale, or something else of that nature.  If I miss it and it sells out, no worries, there will be something else just as pretty soon enough...and it just might be 50% off.  Basically, don't get attached to a piece then you won't 'have to have' it, and two months from now it may be on sale.

Just one last note, don't be afraid to return.  If it doesn't work, fit or for some reason you doubt it.  Return it.  No harm, no foul.  That's what those policies are for.

p.s. I love that the sock bun is making a resurgence.  I've been doing this for years now, but lately it seems every blogger is talking about it.  So yay! I'm so glad that foot wear in your hair is becoming mainstream. The best part is the curls it leaves you with afterwards.  Just like the ones you see in the pictures.

True Story:
Baby stood on the edge of the toilet even though I told her not to.  
She fell right in.  Soaked to the waist. 
She started crying, clearly traumatized. 
I stripped her, changed her, and held her...while giggling to myself just a wee bit. 
Another bad mother moment.

5 thoughts:

  1. Love this post! I have a bad, bad habit of not caring for my clothes like I should...a lot of them end up shrinking then I can't even wear them. I'm trying to get better about that though!


  2. love your blog.
    i feel the same way about buying clothes. i wait and see if it will go on sale if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be a part of my wardrobe. love all these tips.
    so following you now.

    stopping by from the vintage wanna bee, hope you'll check out my blog.

  3. I hope this comes off as not being creepy, but I adore your wardrobe!

  4. @smalltown20something Thanks! No, not creepy at all. It's actually very sweet of you to say!

  5. Great advise! I agree with all of it!
    It´s just that part of the patience that I still need to work on!
    Waiting for the good deals is the healthiest way to have a nice wardrobe, but every once in a while I still get compulsive!


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