Alien Zombie Baby


Cardi - Nick&Mo from Trixie in Toronto
Top - Gap
Scarf - Le Chateau
Necklace and Skirt - Ruche
Tights & Earrings - F21
Boots - Feet First

Do you watch The Walking Dead?  Have you seen the season finale?  It kicked butt!  I saw it late because I've been busy, but here's a thought.  In the show they've discovered that they are all infected and that when they die - no matter how they die - they all come back as zombies.  You don't have to be bitten to turn into a zombie.  Also, one of the main characters is pregnant.  

So here's where my train of thought goes:

If she miscarries in her third trimester, does her baby turn into a zombie?  Does it claw it's way out like that thing in Alien?  'Cause though it would be really sad, it would also be kind of really cool.

Yeah, I know. 
If you think that's bad, imagine how I feel.  I have to be around myself all the time!

Quote of Today:
"My dinosaurs are having lots of babies!"

11 thoughts:

  1. oh wow! I hadn't even thought of that!!

  2. ah! spoiler alert! I haven't seen the second season yet! lol!
    interesting theory, though! I like the way you think!

  3. The Walking Dead is awesome! We have been watching both seasons almost back to back.
    There are also comic books (on which the tv show is based) did you know? My fiancé is reading them right now and he says they are pretty good.

  4. @scarves and Styles - It's a great show. I read the graphic novels a long while back and got so excited when I heard it was going to be a tv show. They've differed quite a bit. The graphic novels are much, much darker and I love that.

    I'm excited for next season.

  5. your outfit is darling! i've never seen the walking dead.

  6. Loved these pics. The outfit is so cute...the first pic is my fav.

  7. I've never seen the Walking Dead. But, your outfit is beautiful. Love the colors so much.

  8. There's not a single part of this outfit that I'm not crazy about. From the white tights to the adorable skirt to the great sweater and those amazing earrings!

  9. "If she miscarries in her third trimester, does her baby turn into a zombie?"

    Ah, I have no idea and don't want to imagine, eh. haha. btw, love your pastel outfit. From the scarf to the booties, all are lovely!

    Cathy@Unsafe Fishes and Sea Foods that You May Find Delicious


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