Don't Suffer Fashion


Dress - Ruche
Necklace - c/o Mama's Nests Designs
Belt - F21
Shoes - Payless
Earrings - somewhere on Etsy

I was on set all day yesterday for a commercial shoot *details will be on my acting blog* , so this isn't the outfit I's actually from a couple of days ago.  I love how soft and delicate and gentle this dress is, if a dress can be described as gentle.  Free flowing ruffles, chiffon, and comfort are key things in fashion for me.  Whether it's a great leather jacket, or a frilly dress they have to be comfortable.  I don't suffer for fashion, I live in it, and life is sometimes challenging enough without the added discomfort of a pinching outfit or painful shoes. 

Quote of Today:
"Don't smell so much, just react to the joy."

4 thoughts:

  1. What a beautiful dress! And I love the pop of teal in your belt!

  2. as usual, stylin and profilin girl!

    i like to dress cute and comfy. if i'm not comfortable i refuse to wear it! that's probably why half of my shirts are loose, unfitted, and flowy. those are the best comfortable clothes.

  3. That is such a cute dress! I'm just like you, I have to be comfortable. But most of the time my desire for comfort leads me to choose outfits consisting of jeans and a T-shirt.


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