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Sharing.  Sharing something here.  We all struggle with something when it comes to our appearance right?  Double chins, bellies, thicker then desired thighs - everyone's got something.  So here's mine - I struggle with adult acne.  Who the heck knew that at my semi-advanced age I would have to be dealing with the same crap a 15 year old, hormone raging, teenager does?  Certainly not me.  What's more, is that I work in an industry that is so appearance centric I can't not think about it all the time!  Sitting in an audition room surrounded by beautiful women with clear skin, I pray that my acting skills will get me through and that the MUA on set will be talented.  True, I could do something like take the pill to help clear it up, but I don't like to put those hormones in my body, and yes make-up - covers it up, but the fact is I know it's there and I don't want to have to wear make-up.

And it eats away at my self-confidence.  I know it shouldn't.  I'm more than my skin, I know I shouldn't complain because there are people in the world who are truly suffering,  I have more worth....etc. etc. ....I know all this.   Tears are spilt, and it sucks.  Thank you.  Carry on.  I promise I won't sulk too much. Like I said, we all have something, right?  Have a great Monday!

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  1. I have said so many times recently that the closer I get to 40, the more I feel like I'm 14 because I am breaking out more now than I have since then! It's ridiculous. I share in that struggle. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about cameras or auditions!

  2. thanks for the honesty :) i love that outfit! found you via the wiegands.

  3. thanks for the honesty :) i love that outfit! found you via the wiegands.

  4. I totally understand. I was one of the lucky ones that got through my teen years without much acne at all. A few things here and there, but for the most part, I had clear skin. Then I hit my mid twenties And BAM! I'll break out so easily now, nothing major or need . So dissapointing. I know I shouldn't care. But it bothers me. I knew that in my teen years it would have been expected because of all of the hormonal changes.

    But now, it feels like its more because of me than my hormones. So I feel more at fault. If I could get through the teen years unscathed, than obviously I'm doing something wrong now. Am I not washing my face enough? too much? stressing too much? I limit sun exposure as it is, so am I not limiting it enough? Am I not drinking enough water?

    So many things and I blame myself when I know its not truly important.

    I can't imagine what it would be like for someone whose career is so image focused. In your field, its incredibly important.

    I work in social media so its not like anyone ever sees me! (In fact, I'm an American working remotely for a Canadian company. So I literally do not see my co workers ever.)

    Hopefully one day I can get over it. It's not even that bad. But I'm human and focus on things like this.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. first of all, one of my fave outfits you've ever worn! LOVE!
    I've had acne since I was like 12! 'sigh'
    Thanks for keeping it real and linking up today! ♥

  6. I've been struggling with acne too. For months now! I took Acutane as a teen, but I'm not in good health to take it again. I found some amazing stuff by Boots at target but I'm still a pizza face! If I find something better I'll let you know!!


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