Mama's Gonna Go Lose Her Breakfast


 Jacket - F21
Shirt - Lucca Couture
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Threadsence
Sunnies - Lace Affair

Okay last summer I did a rant about unsightly pantie lies, and this year it seems the rants are starting early because I have a grievance to air with you ladies.  Don't leave the house in a sheer dress without a slip.  I have no need, or any desire, to see the exact pattern on the g-string you decided to wear with you chiffon white summer dress.  Check yourself in a mirror under proper light, please!  Don't assume that two layers of sheer chiffon equal one non-see through layer of another material because they don't!

I don't care what lovely shape you may be in, Mama's gonna go loose her breakfast over that!

Thank you, rant done.  We now return to our regularly scheduled's your week?

Quote of Today:
"That's a dangerous angle to approach me from tonight."

3 thoughts:

  1. I feel that way about short shirts with those pantyhose leggings -- as you say, just because you have material covering up your private parts does not mean that they are suddenly invisible!

    Love your blog! It's one of the 3 fashion blogs I always check! I love that you make normal clothes look so fabulous! It gives me hope. :-)

    p.s. it's "lose" not "loose"! (Sorry, this one is my pet peeve - *apologetic grin*)

  2. Thanks for saying those kind words about my blog! I try! And thank you for the correction - it's one of those things that bugs me too, but with the 'lose' 'loose' thing I sometimes get mixed up ;)

    And yes! Those pantyhose leggings and short shirts! Ugh! How many times must I say, "Leggings are not pants! Cover your ass!"


  3. You are such a stylin mama! Came across you from Gentri Lee and Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures :)

    xo Shane


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