My Own Personal Stylist


Top - H&M
Shorts - Gap
Necklace & Hat - F21
Shoes - Winners

Lately, baby girl has developed not only a very particular sense of style - she always has an opinion on which hat and shoes she wants to wear which day - but she's also developed a taste for her Mama's clothing and accessories.  She runs around the house in my vest and bra *interesting combo wouldn't you say?* and dictates who wears what *as evidenced above*.  I can only imagine what she's going to do to Andrew!  Figures that I would end up having a stylist in the house.  Only I think she cares more about her outfit then a bit of a selfish stylist then?

I've created a monster. 
Or as my Mama would say, "Karma."

True Story:

2 thoughts:

  1. ohhhhhhh i just love this. just too cute. my boys don't seem at all interested in what they wear. what a little cutie pie diva...and yes, you shall have your hands full!!


  2. Ahhhh....your the cutest! love your hat and your little one is gorgeous! THanks for the support on my post this morning. I guess live just changes as we get older.


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