Insert Something Profound


Hat & Shoes - Ruche
Tank - hand me down
Necklace - F21
Shorts - C. Luce

I was going to put something witty here, or something profound, or probably both 'cause I do that everyday. *wink, wink*   But right now, I'm kind of having a craptastic kind of moment, so can we just pretend that I did? 

Oh, and can I ask you a question?  Do you like the 'no bangs' me or do you miss the bangs?  I'm always so torn about this.  *sigh*

9 thoughts:

  1. *hugs*

    I like the no bangs. But I have a weird relationship with bangs. Since I can't have them with as insanely curly as my hair is, I envy everyone else that has them

  2. I love those shorts! I don't do shorts normally, but those are adorable!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious I LOVE those shorts!! LOVE them!

  4. I would say yes get bangs. I just got mine cut and love them. So many things work with them. Go for it girl!

  5. Cutest coral shorts ever...I go back and forth with the bangs, but since they make me look a little younger I always end up with them. Btw, I now have a fresh avocado that I will be trying soon ;)

  6. I NEED those shorts! GAH. They are adorable!

    And as far as the bangs go, I think you look fabulous either way, but love the bangs!

  7. AH! The shorts are so cute! And the hat is very Audrey Hepburn worthy! :)

  8. I always have this problem with bangs!! I like them but they are a lot of up keep, then you have to grow them out and I find myself wishing I never cut them. BUT THEN somewhere in the growing them out stage I decided I want bangs again and this starts all over again :$ That being said I like you bangs :)

  9. Those are the cutest shorts I ever did see!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


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