An Ode To A Friend


Jacket - Old Navy
Top - thrifted
Skirt - C'est Moi
Shoes - Payless
Hair clip - Melinda Rose Design
Necklace - bought in Europe
Earrings - F21

I received an email from a friend of mine about Friday's post, specifically regarding my saying that I need to photoshop out my bruises.  He's one of the most aware people I know.  What I mean by that, is he's sensitive and aware of the various pressures and constructs that are present in our society, and he's specifically aware of the representation of women, or more the mis-representation of women.  He encouraged me not to photoshop my bruises out in order to stay true to the mantra of ModaMama - which is honesty and reality in the life of one woman.  So, I'm not.  You're going to see all the bruises and other things - like my famous spaghetti burns.  

Thank you for reminding me to stay true to myself and not to fall into the trap of fashion magazines and other misrepresentations of women. 

True Story:
I played with my swords today in the backyard.  
I'm fully aware that the neighbours were watching me, and what's more is, I don't care.   
Maybe now they'll think twice about throwing their cigarette buds in my garden. 

6 thoughts:

  1. I definitely agree. Your bruises are what make you, you.

    And I love the outfit. Especially the hair clip

  2. You know what? I read that post and thought the same thing to be honest. But I know that reality is that a lot of bloggers photoshop for one reason or another and that is fine--that's their business. I have bruises on my legs ALLLLLL the time, but I have never photoshopped a photo. I totally love when bloggers don't photoshop. It makes them more relateable. You are a lovely woman with a gorgeous body. You should appreciate it as is.

    I love your skirt and how you added the denim jacket. It is lovely.

  3. Thank you ladies! Yup, I do fall into that mentality sometimes too - though as yet, I've never photoshoped my bruises away and now I don't have to ;)

  4. @Molly - thank you! You are just too kind!

  5. I love the denim jacket with the white shirt in this outfit!

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