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Asked about a simple healthy tip, I would answer, "Discover your intolerances."  Food intolerance is not the same as allergies.  You may not go into shock like you would in an allergy, but your body still can't handle it.  Signs of intolerance can be mood changes, gas, bloating, cramps, inflammation, and other issues.   I'm intolerant to gluten, dairy, and soy.  I won't have to go to the hospital or anything, but I do get all those things I mentioned.  My body has thanked me since I've stopped eating them.  So, yeah.  That's my tip.  Discover your intolerances.  A good Naturopathic doctor can help. 

Quote of Today:
"Poo on you!"
"Please don't."

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  1. Great Tip. I have a friend who is in the process of trying to figure out what is causing her so much pain. I think its definitely an intolerance.

    Thanks for linking up at the Simple Steps to Healthy Living

    Kim @ SIngledou[b]t

  2. My son has intolerance for dairy as well. I'm thankful we figured it out as early as we did, and yet wish we had known earlier (he was 8). I *love* that dress.

  3. I thought I was lactose intolerant forever, did a little experiment recently.....talked to my doctor.....turns out it's gluten I'm intolerant to.....not dairy!

    It's made a world of difference!


  4. Love this sweet pretty!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, sweets. :) You look lovely and your advice is awesome. I need to start figuring out what's up with my wonky system!

  6. excellent advice! That has made such a difference for our son Lucas! Getting rid of the things that our bodies don't agree with is huge! Thanks for linking up to Simple Steps!! xoxo


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