Huckleberry Picking


One day Emily and I went Huckleberry picking.  It involved hiking up to the top of the mountain, eating as many huckleberries as we went, and then picking as we went down.

I filled a small bucket.
And ate a large bucket.

5 thoughts:

  1. What a pretty area. We went "blueberry picking" in Maine, which primarily consisted of schlepping way out into he woods and eating all the blueberries we could find...

  2. Cute photos! love the place!

  3. Super cute photo!
    That place looks amazingly beautiful!

  4. you are adorable! and what a lovely idea. By the way, we have the same name! woohoo for Joannas! I'm a new blogger and one of your newest followers!!!

    Joanna @

  5. Pretty pictures! Love your expression in that one. Too funny!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    Oh Mom's Monday Mingle is happening. In case you haven't linked up!


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