Yes, I Still Wear Clothes


Top - thrifted
Skirt - Gentlefawn
Shoes - H&M
Earrings, Hat & Sunnies - F21 here
Necklace - c/o This Enchanted Pixie

I realized that because of excitement and things coinciding at the same time, I've only had two outfit posts for you last week.  Please don't in any way assume that this will be the norm. Nor should you assume that I went naked the rest of the days.  I assure you I did not.  Decency and the laws are intact.  I did indeed get dressed, and will be playing catch up on some posts.  It also helps me to be a bit behind on outfit posts as I'm going away for a week at the end of the month.  So I'll still have something to keep you entertained. That's if, you know, you find me entertaining.  Which I'm in no way assuming you do.  Personally, I find myself to be a riot, but I'm grading on a curve here you know?

10 thoughts:

  1. Yes I watched it! BRAVO! I can only imagine it was totally fun playing crazy ;)

  2. YAY for not breaking decency laws!!!

  3. You look so cute and summery! Love the sunglasses :)

  4. Off to check out the show now!


  5. Can we just pause for a minute to talk about how cute you are?! Okay thanks!
    And i love the hat! I've been on a mad hunt for a good giant floppy hat! I'm going to see if f21 still has this one.

  6. cute outfit! also, we have a TON in common....I think I'm HILARIOUS. :D

  7. Just watched the Subhuman premiere. Your scenes are great! The subway scene is sooo intense. Were you improvising or is that just great direction?

  8. @ZZ - Thanks! Yeah the subway scene was improvised. We talked about it, set up parameters and a direction we agreed it should go in, and then off I went! Thanks so much for watching!!

  9. I figured maybe you gave up wearing clothes since it has been ridiculously hot in T.O.? :)


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