August LookBook


Though summer doesn't officially end until September 21st, the end of August feels like the real end of summer. 
Somehow, psychologically, that's where our golden sunsets and warm, lazy afternoons stop. 
If only it weren't so.

Outfits in order of appearance:
1. "Trick Question"
2. "My Little Monkey"
3. "A Touch Harsher and Louder"
4. "One Single Moment"
5. "Montreal Je T'aime: Part 2"
6. "Don't Hate The Zebra"
7. "I Want To Be A SuperModel"

2 thoughts:

  1. These videos are so cute :) I feel like August is the end of summer too!

    Thanks for participating in our Wednesday Walkabout!

  2. Cute vid! I want to add video to my blog, I just havent drummed up the courage, lol.

    xoxo Teresa


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