Egg Zeppelin


Top - Ruche
Shorts, Sunnies, and Earrings - F21
Shoes - Payless

Practicality does not necessarily have to be boring, predictable or dull.  This was a necessary practical outfit.   I went to photograph a show, called Egg Zeppelin, and I needed something that allowed me unrestricted freedom of movement, would keep me cool, and still have a certain level of professionalism about it. Did I mention that it needed to keep me cool?  It was hot, humid and sticky outside!

True Story:
We have to keep a close eye on our coffee cups in this house.  
The second you leave one unattended Baby Girl is drinking from it like a dying man in the middle of a dessert who's been given a keg of water.  
Who knew that unsweetened, bitter coffee was baby heroin?

3 thoughts:

  1. Stunning. That's it. Absolutely stunning. And laughing so hard about baby girl drinking coffee. Sherman has tried to steal my cup of gold too ... I can't imagine him on caffeine. Holy crazy.

  2. looks pretty cool for good:) I love the blue on you.

  3. You look gorgeous! My two youngest babies love coffee too. It's insane - coffee is one of my baby girl's favorite words even though I usually just have one cup I the morning.


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