You Make It Work


Dress - bought in Spain
Boots - Threadsence
Belt - American Eagle
Earrings - F21

A tripod, a backyard, a remote control, and a curious toddler equals some fun shots, but also some shots in which the blurred face of your baby girl investigating the beeping light takes up most of the frame.  

When you're a mama, you got to make it work!  
I'm slowly learning that art.
It's a work in progress.

Quote of Today:
"She's delightfully annoying!"

3 thoughts:

  1. That photo is funny. I have this problem with my dog always getting in the way.

  2. Seriously, I usually try to follow only blogs like mine, but I just keep coming back here :)
    I love your sense of style... which I know I have said before lol


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