Axl Rose, Pirate


Shorts - Gap
Shirt & Tank - hand me down
Sunnies & Necklace - F21
Shoes - Payless
Scarf - from my Babcia

"Argh, me matey!" is what I thought when I put on this kerchief.  That, along with, "Hmm, a little Axl Rose."  But whatever.  I went with it.  I'm trying out different ways of having fun hair in the heat and humidity, and it's a bit challenging sometimes.  I don't want to always put my hair up, but I also don't want flat lifeless hair just laying there.  So I thought I would give this a go.  Overall, I enjoyed wearing a fun kerchief and only once did I break into a Guns 'N Roses song.  While on my bike.  Alone.  So you know, no witnesses.

Quote of Today:
"Now you can walk around naked while wearing your mask."

7 thoughts:

  1. Your shorts are so lovely! I love the last photograph.

  2. Like the necklace. Good thing for no witnesses, eh?

  3. this is an interesting look! Hey you still look great.. #youalwayslookgood

  4. this is an interesting look! Hey you still look great.. #youalwayslookgood

  5. I knew Axle Rose was a pirate!

    LOL, I actually love the outfit, its really cute and chic. I bet that kerchief was whipping in the wind to Sweet Child of Mine while you biked like a speed demon!

    xo Teresa

  6. Really like this style. I especially love the shorts!

    Following you via GFC from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife Blog Hop! Would love it if you could check out my blog and follow, if you'd like :)


  7. Love the whole outfit put together! Especially the scarf! Love the saturated colours! :D


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