Chocolate and Wine Only


Top & Pants - F21
Vest - I forget.  It's old. 
Shoes - Payless
Zebra Necklace - Lustre in Montreal

I'm calling these my grumpy pants.  Not because they make me grumpy, but because when I'm feeling grumpy and don't want to wear anything it's these pants I turn to. Seriously, I think Palazzo pants might be the best thing ever invented because they're like sweatpants you can wear in public while looking fashionable. 

It just doesn't get better than that.

Okay, well maybe if there was a doctor approved "chocolate and wine only" diet for healthy living.  That I could really go for.  While wearing these pants.

Quote of Today:
"How do you know I'm sexting?"

8 thoughts:

  1. So gorgeous! I've got to run out to Forever 21 now. ;)

  2. what sick pants! forever 21, you say?
    *opens new browser to search*
    what a find!!

  3. I do think it's cool how palazzo pants look like a maxi skirt; but I have to say, with that color and pattern, those pants remind me of my dad's Chicago Bears Zubaz from the early 90s. Haha, no offense because you really do pull off the look well. They just made me nostalgic, heh. And I love that vest!

  4. I really do need to get to a F21. I don't trust buying online bc I know their sizes can be a lot different than other places. Still LOVE your Zebra necklace ;)

  5. One day I will get the nerve to wear pants like that!!! Im always afraid it will look weird on me as I'm only 5 feet tall.

    But I love these pants on you. They make your bum look amazing. If I can be the Creepy Commenter of the day! And I am in love with your vest collection.

    I think this outfit bring out your feisty side, too.

  6. Those pants look so comfortable, actually the whole outfit does.

  7. I love the vest! Haven't work palazzo pants before, but they do look so comfortable! Great post.

  8. Love the pants! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. You have a lovely log which I'm now following.

    Kimberly @


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