Starbuck and Jadzia Dax


Jacob jacket // ModCloth dress // F21 socks // Threadsence boots

I have always avoided the bump ponytail.   I feel like I'm Lt. Jadzia Dax.  And if you know who I'm talking about, I love you!  If you don't, well then...I'm a nerd and I'm talking about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I know it looks nothing like it, but that's all I could think about every time I caught a glimpse of my face.  It was driving me a little crazy.  That's why about two hours later, my hair was in a side french braid.  I just can't do justice to the Dax!

These are the problems you face as a die-hard sci-fi fan.  Sometimes in your head it looks like you're trying to be one of the characters.

Like when I wear a racerback tank I always feel like Starbuck.  But in those circumstances I don't take it off.  Instead I say, "Frak yeah!  Let's go toaster shopping!"

Quote of Today:
"I've seen all the Ronald D. Moore podcast commentaries....twice."

4 thoughts:

  1. Tttttttthat dress.

    I also avoid Bump Ponytails. My head is not shaped for an extra bump, tbqh.

  2. I'm not sure if my initial comment came through, so I'm re-trying!

    I love YOU for referencing DS9! I've been re-watching the show at work (graphic design work that allows for a lot of background noise). Not many people in my life get my nerdiness. :)

    And I love the dress - you look beautiful!

  3. @ErinKathleen - Thank you! I love Star Trek. I grew up on it, and own all the DVDs of every season. I've seen them all probably more than twice. I'm nuts I know. But it's such an optimistic view of what humanity could achieve. And these days we all need optimism.


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