Goodbye Mr. Weekend


 Jeans & Tee- Gap  //  Sweater - Anthropologie  //  Boots - Feet First  //  Scarf - Le Chateau  //  Necklace - Ruche.

This weekend.  Huh?  There was a weekend?  Funny, I didn't realize.  I kind of wish someone had told me it was the weekend.  Sometimes I don't get the memo and then I forget to take part in the shared group activity. 
And I end up wearing my Halloween costume to the Christmas Party.

True Story:
Baby Girl and Andrew were on the bus during rush hour.  
In a loud voice Baby Girl went, "Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!"  "Yes?" he answered. 
On the crowded bus, and in an equally loud and enthusiastic voice she declared, " I farted!"

5 thoughts:

  1. you know, it seems to be a common thing this monday. you're not the first one feeling this way, including me. what gives? i feel like we've been ripped off a weekend!! so not fair, right?

  2. 1. you are TOO cute.
    2. my kids do that all the time. It's hilarious and so gross.
    David went to hug miss maddie this morning (she's 4) and he literally squeezed a fart out of her. She just went into a hysterical giggle fit! I even laughed!!

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  4. love these boots! i absolutely love autumn so i can wear clothes like this :) haha that last bit made me laugh, i love it when i hear children say things like that on the bus!


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