Bend But Not Break


Sweater - Pink Martini  //  Skirt - Ark&Co  // Boots - Feet First  //  Tights - Hue
Bracelets & Necklace - F21

Though breezy, flowy skirts and pastels are reminiscent of Spring and the bright sunshine of Summer, I can't seem to hide them away in a dark corner of my closet when the temperatures drop.  The soft pale material feels so vulnerable in the bitter cold wind, but it does not break, so perhaps there's a hidden strength in it somewhere.

Or maybe I just like to wax poetic about something that is really a simple sartorial choice.
It's probably that. 
Yes, definitely.

Quote of Today:
"Zombies Mommy!  Zombies...please."

8 thoughts:

  1. Not sure where the quote is from but I love zombie movies! Lol

  2. I love this outfit. There is something really unexpected about pastels in winter that makes me feel warm and fuzzy:)

  3. I love the bow-bracelet !!

    - Fashion Ramble

  4. hi! oh i love this look. it looks so charming on you. i love mixing like that. great job.

  5. Joanna! hi again. I meant to also tell you that i loved the necklace and bracelet combos, too.

  6. Love this outfit, Jo! One of my faves as of lately. Now if I could only bring myself to buy boots and really give it a try.

  7. I can't seem to follow the summer/fall color rules either. This looks very Ruchette to me. Reminds me of their recent ballerina inspired look book.


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