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Dress - ASOS  //  Cardi - H&M  //  Boot - Feet First  //  Necklace & Bag - Ruche  //  Belt - F21 

When you're a mama who's trying to take outfit shots, well you have to expect that photobomb once in a while. And really, come on, what was I thinking trying to take a close up of my bag and necklace?  That's just too tempting for a little one and immediately warrants investigation. So trust me, there were some pretty incredible shots planned, and some masterful close ups too.  Instead, you get a pink jacket, my weird faces, and one cute little bum!

p.s. that first really intense shot?  Yeah, that's me staring her down as she thinks about reaching for my camera.

True Story: 
They both have poo on their feet here.  Yup.  I lead one heck of a glamorous life.

14 thoughts:

  1. Gorgeous mix of pattern!

  2. I love it! And sometimes photobombs make life much more fun! That dress is fantastic on you!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!
    Understated Classics

  3. Ah the glamorous life of a mother... You always look glam and fashionable. Only the photobomb tells the real story!

  4. Hahaha yeah. One of my photos is me trying to hold the baby back from running into the street...

  5. I know alll about the glam life ;). Moo manages to get into most shots I do. Haha.


  6. joanna, i LOVE this post. your facial expressions are priceless.

    and i am not kidding you, that's one of the most gorgeous bags i've ever seen. seriously as soon as i saw it my eyes got huge. it's gorgeous.

    great post...even if you did have a little poop feet photo-bomber running around. happy tuesday, girl!

  7. Hehe she is one cute little photobomber!!!

  8. You look great! Love the dress and photo bombing. I have a professional photo bomber too. :)

  9. haha that is so cute! Well at least you look fab :) love the dress so fun for winter! looks comfy :0 and that bag is amazing!

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  10. Aww, so cute! My kids photobomb my outfit pictures, too (along with the cats!).

    I came her via The Pleated Poppy's link up! Consider me a new follower :)


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