The Whims of Weather


  Dress - ModCloth  //  Cardi - Jacob  //  Tights - HUE 
Shoes - Payless  //  Necklace - Etsy  //  Headband - F21

Did you know it is cold in Toronto?  Apparently I did not, and I received a rude awakening after taking off my sweater for a photo.  It was cold. In the winter.  Who would've thought?  How dare the weather show such audacity?  Sometimes I do wonder why it is that I was not given control over the weather as my personal gift.  It's probably smart given my proclivity towards impulsiveness.  You'd have rain when I felt bad, and winter when I'm angry and warm tropical sunshine otherwise.  There would be no rhyme or reason - just my moods.  Crops would not grow,  we'd have nothing to eat, and pretty soon the whole world would fall apart.  So yes, I do see why, but I still want it because sometimes in the dead of winter, I want to wear a dress with no tights on or sweaters either.

p.s.  yes that's my Daenerys Storborn necklace.  My nerd is always showing. 

Quote of Today:
"This is my wench face."

3 thoughts:

  1. You are the cutest ever. NO lie! :)

  2. Great dress. Love the shape.

    I've been to Toronto and it is cold says the Chicagoan. We are always picking up a Canadian wind gust....

  3. Love this outfit, and these are fun photos. :)


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