Sometimes I'm An Idiot


Top - Threadsence  //  Pants - Lush  //  Tank - Gap  //  Scarf - thrifted  //  Jacket - TNA  //  Gloves & Boots - Walmart  //  Bag - Ruche

Seriously, sometimes I'm just plain dumb. I saw this outfit on Threadsence as part of their winter New Years feature. I fell in love.  Since I already had pants exactly like that from a sale here in T.O. and plenty of gift card money, I decided to nab that top and play copy cat.  *Not like it's my first time*  

Of course, I've been dying to rock the outfit and thought that a sunny January day was the perfect time.   Once I left the house and it was too late to turn back, that's when I suddenly put all the pieces together: Threadsence in based in California.  This is a Californian winter outfit.  Not at all an Ontario winter outfit.

The pants, while awesome and my new love, are not at all warm.  The material gets so cold, that I might as well not be wearing pants at all.  Really, it's like wearing pantyhose in sub zero temperature.  What the heck was I thinking?!?  The day was spent walking on two icicle stilts. 

So there you go.  You will not be seeing these pants again until mid-spring... which is like a Californian winter.

Quote of Today:
"Get that girl inside and get her pants off."

17 thoughts:

  1. Super cute! Sorry you were cold! I'm all for forgoing pretty clothes to stay comfy haha

  2. Funny, I think we've all worn wrong season clothes to look cute at one time or another.
    You look really cute though!

  3. lol! this post made me smile! thanks for sharing.
    i love that shirt! very cute!

    Stopping by from the GYB blog hop!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  4. Sorry you were cold! I hate when I have to pack pieces away for the winter! Would layering some tights under the pants and wearing really warm socks make a difference at all?

  5. You and that model could be twins! Great outfit!

  6. Very cool outfit! I'm loving the top! I may have to check that out. :) So, I'm a new follower from Grow You Blog and I just wanted to say hi!

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  7. Hi Joanna!

    I love this look, it's gorgeous. This post really made me smile - I love the back story of the photo shoot!! So funny. I've also been in to vote for you - you're doing so well and have lot's of votes - good luck!! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up, I enjoyed reading this post and really look forward to seeing you again next Wednesday afternoon for Style Sessions!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lauren xx

  8. Hey,

    I love this outfit, it's super cute! i am loving the jumper/sweater.

    Found your blog via Friday blog hop.

    New follower.


  9. It's a Friday Flash Blog! Please share your favorite posting of the week and see what others are talking about at

  10. Super cute outfit! Will def. be trying something like this out :)

  11. hi Joanna! I could have sworn I commented to you yesterday but I don't see it. Urgh. Did Blogger trick me? Hmmmmm? Anyway I am here today to vote (which I just did) and let you know that those sunglasses in this post and the prior post give you such an Audrey Heburnesque look. And careful in those pants, okay?

  12. Came to your blog from Life in a Break Down Blog Hop.....excited to participate! I would love if you followed my blog and provided some feedback!

    I love this look. I'll definitely beback :)

    Tiff Ima

  13. Hello,
    I found your blog on the blog hop and now I am now your newest follower, would you please due the same for me?

  14. What a great outfit, honestly you look better then that model. I love following fellow fashionista mom bloggers and I found you through the blog hop and I followed you!
    I hope you can follow me back as well:)

  15. hahaha! That's funny, but you look cute though!

    Tiff Ima


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